How ChappyWraps Are Made


Of all the fibers in the world, cotton ranks highest in popularity being a natural fiber that is comfortable next to the skin. Now imagine a fabric that has all the superior qualities of cotton plus the high performance and durability of acrylic and polyester.



ChappyWrap blankets are made from a blend of 58% premium cotton fibers, 35% acrylic, 7% polyester, and the quality is unparalleled. This blend of fibers allows the blankets to be washed repeatedly while keeping their extra soft feel. The combination ensures anti-shrinking, anti-pilling, and anti-static results. Prior to the fabric construction beginning, the yarns are twisted and fed into the looms such that the cotton is next to your skin and the fill fiber is spun inside the cotton yarns to enhance durability. The fibers are sized in the preparation to prevent yarn breakage. This is why ChappyWrap blankets are known to last a lifetime without changing in appearance or performance.


While the term "Jacquard" is often thought of as a type of woven fabric, it is also the name of the mechanical loom used to produce ChappyWraps. Jacquard weaves are easy to recognize because they bear intricate, reversible designs on each side, all while maintaining a strong construction.


Apart from the careful selection and blending of fibers, the ChappyWrap jacquard loom ensures only top quality fabric results. After the weaving process, the fabric must undergo napping. The napping process is what gives ChappyWrap blankets their soft, plush finish. Napping involves lifting the fibers from the top of the pattern and passing the woven fabric over a roller with metal points or burrs. This happens as part of the finishing process and it is what distinguishes ChappyWrap blankets from other Jacquard woven blankets. Napped ChappyWrap blankets are made fuller and softer to the touch by repeating this step 8-16 times. Think of the softest item you can imagine -- your favorite stuffed animal, your coziest sweater, a rabbit’s fur. That is the feeling you will get with a ChappyWrap!

  • 60" x 80"  oversized  

  • Machine wash and dry  

  • Never pills or fuzz  

  • Reversible jacquard woven design   

  • Natural  cotton  blend 58% cotton 35% acrylic 7% polyester

Price: 129.00
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