Wool throws & blankets can be damaged by moths when they are not being used and improperly stored. Dry dark places with little human traffic are an ideal place for moths to lay their eggs. The wool larvae then develop from the eggs and feed on the wool making the famous moth holes your grandma warned you about.

To be on the safe side, always store them completely cleaned and brushed. If you store your blanket with last nights pizza left on the corner you are not only offering your moth the wool; but a nice desert after...

It also pays to know who you are buying your Pendleton blankets from.

We work with a local extermination company to constantly monitor our blankets as all dealers should; but most don't.

If you buy a blanket from an online discount dealer with Hemorrhoid cream and baby wipes on the same page as a blanket; at least pop it in the freezer for a week to kill any infestations. These sites are not authorized sellers of Pendleton and not under the watchful eye of Pendleton who cares about how you store them. When I became a dealer; I was asked where I was going to store my blankets. I sent this photo as a joke and I can assure you the Pendleton team was not amused.

Image result for run down chicken coop images

 If you like to go "junking" on the weekends and you see a lovely Pendleton blanket at Goodwill or where ever; STEP BACK AND WALK OVER TO THE NEXT SHINY OBJECT.

You don't know if it's been taken care of or if the moth larve are just waiting to hatch when you add it to your existing collection.

How many sweaters have you had to toss thru the years. Moth balls are cheaper but do you really want people to say WHATS THAT SMELL???

No smell with these. The mfg says they are good for about 90 days but I'm going to check mine every 30 days. If you do have moths and you are not seeing any for a while know there is a cycle of life.

Are they in the larve stage? YIKES! 

NOTE; clothing moths and pantry moths are attracted each to a different pheromone which is why we offer two kinds of traps.

I now have one of these in my living room, kitchen (yes I have a Pendleton blanket and pillow in my old wicker chair) my living room, 3 bedrooms and my linen closet.

We're sending you 20 traps (10 packages of 2) free shipping.



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