The MYFAK (My First Aid Kit)

The MyFAK (My First Aid Kit)  was designed with three goals: Adaptive - Functional - Indestructible.  This First Aid Kit can be used anywhere from a day at the park with the  kids, a multi-day backpacking adventure, or off-road in your vehicle. If  you're out there, the MyFAK will be there for you. 

 MyFAK is made of tough and weather-resistant 600 Denier ballistic  nylon. The kit is approximately six inches wide, eight inches tall, and  five inches thick.

The main part of the kit (the MOLLE pouch) is  zippered, with two high-quality zipper pulls that allow it to be opened  three-quarters of the way.

The interior of the MyFAK kit has  eleven, sewn-in elastic bands that are used to secure the contents, as  well as multiple internal compartments that house the included supplies  (many in heavy, zippered plastic bags – much higher quality than your  average Ziplocs), with room for adding more items if desired.

The  kit also contains a zippered mesh compartment, which is attached to the  main body by a Velcro fastener, which allows it to be detached.

This  is a nice feature, and could be used to temporarily remove part of the  kit, as sort of a mini-kit (i.e., medications, topical, and small  bandages).


A nylon handle at the top of the bag makes for easy carrying, as well  as separating the kit from the large Velcro tear-away panel. 

The front of the MyFAK has interlaced straps, with  Velcro sewn on each (loop side). These allow for the attachment of  additional items like small pouches or patches, and anything else that  can be strapped, clipped, or Velcroed on.

It also includes a  MyMedic branded patch, which holds down the tag end of the strap and  quick release buckle that provides an extra level of attachment between  the pack and tear away panel.


The back of the MyFAK is completely covered Velcro (hook side), while  the front of the tear-away panel is covered with loop side Velcro. When  both pieces are stuck together, it takes a good amount of force to  separate them, and this is a good thing!

The back of the tear-away  panel has a couple of straps stitched horizontally across it, which  could be used for running other straps through, in a perpendicular  direction.

Two more, heavy duty straps are attached vertically, and fasten to the bottom of the panel with stiff button closures.



 Due to the personal nature of this product we do not accept returns. 

Country of Origin: United States
Price: 120.00
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